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Real Estate in RWANDA

Vacant Land & Affordable Properties


My name is Jean Paul Mugisha

Born and raised in the neighborhoods of Nyamirambo (Kigali), working throughout the day, and football with friends on weekends. After my studies, I decided to pursue a career that in turn could provide opportunities and growth around the area.

My passion has always been related to the sustainability of projects and longevity of ventures. Being able to offer affordable land in Rwanda allows this passion to continue and passed down.

I operate my business how I continue through life - with full transparency, integrity, honesty, and satisfaction.


The Team: JPM & Manner

JEAN PAUL MUGISHA / Real Estate Agent & Land Acquisition Consultant

RDB: 113251093 (CODE: L6810 & L6820)

My dream was to become a realtor in Rwanda and to be able to provide people with one of the most important choices of their lives. My goal is to provide exceptional service for all your real estate needs whether its buying or selling.

GABE MANNER / Real Estate Agent & Land Acquisition Consultant

RDB: 120880008 (CODE: L6810 & L6820)

I bring six years of experience in business development, land acquisition, and sustainability projects. My first priority is to make sure clients are informed. I listen to clients' wants and needs to achieve the best outcome in every transaction, and I strive to ensure that the buying or selling process is transparent, educated, fun, easy, and stress-free.

SYLVAIN MUDAHINYUKA / Land Acquisition Consultant & Liaison

Resident of Kamonyi District, an Educationalist by profession - committed to attracting and mentoring investors. I make sure the process of purchasing and securing vacant land in Rwanda, helps brings ideas of infrastructure, residential and farming, towards any individual! I believe in the awareness of inclusiveness and diversity.

TREVOR REISER / Land Acquisition Consultant & Liaison

Bio soon...

ALLAN NTWALI / Landscaper & Greenskeeper

Dedicated to providing exceptional service in landscaping and up-keeping. Making sure all properties are well kept and maintained on a routine basis. "Fencing, lawn care or small improvements, you name it!"

Client Tailored Service

Sometimes an individual would like their own new parcel. Underneath our Client Tailored Services, and in collaboration with various partners around the area. If there is a piece of vacant land in Rwanda, or an area of the country that has your interest. Our transparent services and support will help navigate and fulfill your ideas.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Overview of Service

Stage 1 (Start): Client will inquire to J. Mugisha & Manner Vacant Land about the desired type of property/land that has their interest. The piece of property/land can be located anywhere in the Republic of Rwanda. Client will be notified of what costs to expect, and if such agreement is commenced. Client will then place a small deposit to initiate J. Mugisha & Manner Vacant Land's Client Tailored Service.

Stage 2: Based on the perimeters set forth by the Client, J. Mugisha & Manner Vacant Land will decide the likelihood of locating the piece of property.

Stage 3: Once the piece of property is located by J. Mugisha & Manner Vacant Land (and dedicated Partners), J. Mugisha & Manner Vacant Land will confirm with Client if such property meets all expectations, before any physical transaction takes place.

Stage 4: Upon agreement and mutual understanding between all parties, initial transaction to acquire the property is handled by J. Mugisha & Manner Vacant Land. Purchase agreement is completed and is sent to the Client for record keeping. Their new piece of property is then staked with ownership signage, and Client receives the property's Center GPS Coordinates (and Four Corners GPS Coordinates).

Stage 5 (Finish): Officiating paperwork through RLMUA (National Land Authority) and the District Office is handled by J. Mugisha & Manner Vacant Land for the Client.


(exploring plots in Mbandazi District)


(pencil cactus natural fencing)

(transporting signage to Rukumberi farmland)


(ready to serve all your land acquisition needs)



0.11 Acres | Residential Land

Mbandazi, Kigali, Rwanda

GPS: -1.925729, 30.226787

Near Mbandazi Primary School

(468 sqm)




0.09 Acres | Residential Land

Mbandazi, Kigali, Rwanda

GPS: -1.926675, 30.226289

Near Mbandazi Primary School, Electricity &

Road Access

(400 sqm)





0.10 Acres | Residential Land

Mbandazi, Kigali, Rwanda

Call for Price

(410 sqm)


0.08 Acres | Residential Land

Mbandazi, Kigali, Rwanda

Call for Price

(360 sqm)

How it works

creating a straightforward process

Select the Land

Deposit to reserve or pay in full.

Sign an Agreement

Close on Property

Land purchase agreement is prepared.

Our closing process begins.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners


Interested in listing your LAND

Please take a moment to complete our "Client Information Sheet"

and return to us!




23FW+FJH, Kigali, Rwanda
RWA +250 782 499 948
US +1 303 210 4596

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